May 27, 2024 2:00 PM

A work of fiction with the feel of a documentary. A film that only writer/director Wim Wenders, who has perfected the art of both, could have brought to the screen. Hailed at the Cannes Film Festival as Wenders’ greatest masterpiece in recent years, Hirayama (Koji Yakusho) works as a public toilet cleaner in Shibuya, Tokyo. His is a calm, quiet existence. Every day, he wakes up at the same time, gets ready the same way, and works the same way. Though his life may seem monotonous, no two days are ever the same, and he steps into each new day with a serene optimism. Time: 109 min Japanese with English subtitles Nominated for an Academy Award for Best International film. Season Sponsor: Rastin's Pharmacy Film Date Sponsor: Retail Prophet: Doug Stephens

Perfect Days is another masterwork from Wenders, a recognition of life’s curiosities, the small details that make it all worthwhile, and finding beauty in the overlooked things in life. Ross Bonaime/ColliderThe director has crafted a film of deceptive simplicity, observing the tiny details of a routine existence with such clarity, soulfulness and empathy that they build a cumulative emotional power almost without you noticing. David Rooney/Hollywood ReporterA sweet and sad slice-of-life about the comfort and sorrow of solitary repetition, buoyed by a Yakusho performance that rightly earned him the Best Actor prize at this year’s Cannes Film Festival. Nick Shager/Daily Beast

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