October 30, 2023 2:00 PM

Jules follows Milton (Ben Kingsley) who lives a quiet life of routine in a small western Pennsylvania town, but finds his day upended when a UFO and its extra-terrestrial passenger crash land in his backyard. Move over E.T. and Elliott. Meet Jules and Milton. Jeff Mitchell/Phoenix Film Festival. Season Sponsor: Rastins Pharmacy, Film Date Sponsor: Ian and Anne Campbell, Proceeds to Hamilton Out of the Cold

A man's quiet life gets upended when a UFO crashes in his backyard in rural Pennsylvania. As he befriends the mysterious extraterrestrial, things start to get complicated when two neighbors discover it and the government begins to close in. Brought to life by an outstanding ensemble cast, Jules uses its sweet concept to grapple with poignant, universally relatable themes. Directed by Marc Turtletaub (Producer of Little Miss Sunshine and The Farewell) and starring Ben Kingsley, Harriet Sansom Harris and Jane Curtan.

It's less a sci-fi parable... than a fairy tale reminding us that the tribulations of getting old are more natural than sad, and best done in the company of loved ones. Michael O'Sullivan/Washington Post

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