October 26, 2023 7:00 PM

86min Projects by new filmmakers and students from the Hamilton School of Media Arts, and the HamOnt Acting Studio Program, only $8!

Answer Key, 3min, - With the answers to an upcoming test found on a USB key, 4 students debate using it.

Nicola's Cage, 5min - Nicola is preparing for a date while struggling with the voices in her head. ​

Learning, 7min - Personalities clash when a summer school student, and their teacher, don't see eye to eye.

Reality - A group of teens sign away their rights to be filmed for a realty series as they all live in a single room for an undisclosed period of time.

Nora, 9min - Have you ever lost someone and then had a dream that they were still alive? Or was that them? Maybe it was your bosses daughter. Dreams are weird.

Million Dollar Mom, 11min - Kid Influencer, Willow, holds a contest for the most deserving mom. The winner gets…you guessed it: a million dollars.

In the Family. 8min - After the death of a woman who played a maternal role in multiple lives, a lawyer has to help determine the rightful owner of the deceased's very expensive ring.

They Poison Horses, Don’t They?, 10min - The mystery of a high school students horse becomes tangled up within the lies of students and teachers.​

Field Trip, 8min - A stinky staff room causes tension between teachers

Cursing My Name, Olivia Ellis, 26min - Ex girlfriends, Lila and Aiden, struggle to navigate a role in each other's lives almost a year after their messy breakup.​

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