The Monk and the Gun

April 15, 2024 2:00 PM

The Monk And The Gun captures the wonder and disruption as Bhutan becomes one of the world's youngest democracies. Known for its extraordinary beauty and its emphasis on Gross National Happiness, this remote Himalayan Kingdom was the last nation to connect to the internet and television. Furthermore, the King announced shortly afterwards that he would cede his power to the people via their vote and a new form of government: Democracy.

In this gentle fable from Bhutan, an American gun collector and a young monk match wits over what will happen to an antique gun, against the backdrop of the country’s first modernizing election in 2006.

An unexpectedly suspenseful shaggy dog story, as well as a pretty funny one, with subtly pointed barbs about American politics. Michael O’Sullivan/Washington Post

The film pulls off something truly bold: taking what are perhaps the most emotionally and symbolically loaded items in existence and subverting their meaning completely to end on a note of peace, joy, and hope for the future. Ross McIndoe/Slant Magazine

A droll, shrewdly satirical fable, in which Western values crash against a seemingly intransigent (but potentially more enlightened) South Asian culture. Peter DeBruge/Variety

Won 5 international Awards, Nominated for 8 others.

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