Live @ the Old Fire Hall: The Hornets ft. Chris Ayries

[Hosted at the Old FireHall Arts Centre] Growing up in Ontario, singing came just as easily and necessary as breathing. The sheer power of her voice alone has enough “wow factor: to win over the most jaded critic, but that’s only half of the story.

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When it’s time for nuance and quiet intensity, Ayres is right there as well.  Her influences range from Etta James to Tina Turner, Gladys Knight to Eva Cassidy.  There are bits of all of them in there, yet her sound is completely her own.  From singing for the troops in Bosnia to festivals, concerts and studio sessions, every mile on the road has added another seasoning to the musical stew and added to her momentum.  Her writing style appeals to many listeners.  It’s rock, it’s rootsy old-school R&B, and it’s most assuredly pure soul.

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