Clothing and Communication

Wednesdays May 03 - June 07

Do you own an item of clothing that characterizes you? What is it about you that is characterized? Do others notice and comment? For this course, you will bring an item of clothing preferably a jacket, coat, vest - an overgarment for the first gathering. We will begin by discussing Nature’s bounty in terms of natural protein and cellulose fibres. Our choice of materials begins our message. After facilitating fifteen cooperative projects in her Naturalists’ Wardrobe series, Marguerite Larmand would like to explore a new aspect to the overall Wardrobe project. That is, clothing that individualizes a person by drawing out a unique naturalist interest in them. Participants will begin with an already-made item of clothing, for example, plain wool, linen or cotton. Using a technique referred to as "drawing with needle and thread", participants will transform this item of clothing into a garment that communicates interest in a unique aspect of the natural realm. This is an opportunity to learn and practice three foundation stitches, i.e. seed, running and backstitch. These are basic stitches in embroidery, crewel, and stitchery. It is also an opportunity to create an item of clothing that communicates in a non-literal fashion. This course will be held one hour each week for six weeks. Wednesday May 3 - June 7. at 7 pm - 8pm. Maximum number of students is 16. $60 pp.

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