Theatre Ancaster Stage 2 Presents: Finding Nemo

Disney’s Finding Nemo JR. is a a live stage adaptation of the beautiful animated film. This Junior Broadway production brings all the lovable characters and bright colours of the movie to life and introduces a number of wonderful and memorable songs. Marlin, an anxious and over-protective clownfish, lives in the Great Barrier Reef with his kid Nemo, who longs to explore the world beyond their anemone home. But when Nemo is captured and taken to Sydney, Marlin faces his fears and sets off on an epic adventure across the ocean. With the help of optimistic Dory, laid-back sea turtle Crush, and the supportive Tank Gang, Marlin and Nemo both overcome challenges on their journey to find each other and themselves.

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Filled with beautiful and fun songs, this summer JR show is bound to be a delight for all audiences!

Theatre Ancaster's Youth Series features our young performers as they mount full-scale musicals and concerts. Students of our youth programming in grades 5-12 have their chance to showcase their growing talents in these exciting productions."

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